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When designing a Smart Solution for your home, we aim to create an efficient system that will operate seamlessly. One of the benefits of a well-designed smart home solution is that it can operate in the background, seamlessly carrying out tasks without you having to think about it. For example ...

For example, a smart thermostat can be set to your preferences and adjust the temperature accordingly, or smart lighting can turn on and off automatically based on your schedule while time of day controls opening and closing of blinds. Zigbee temp sensor
In summary, the key to designing a smart home solution that operates seamlessly is to choose compatible devices, integrate them into a single system, and automate their functions to create a convenient and efficient system that makes your life easier.

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A World of Choices

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The world of Smart Home technology can be overwhelming, with a multitude of technical terms such as WiFi, Zigbee, BLE, Bluetooth, Mesh, Matter, Zwave and more. That's not even taking into account the various voice control systems and how these technologies communicate with one another. Our goal is to simplify your life by integrating complex technology and products into easy-to-use solutions, transforming your home into a smarter and more efficient space.
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Zigbee* mesh networks

The way of the future NOW!

Zigbee* mesh networks are a fantastic solution for anyone looking to create a smart home network of connected devices. Through our experience, we've found Zigbee* to be incredibly easy to set up and maintain, making it the perfect choice for those who want the benefits of a smart home without the hassle of a separate WiFi connection to each device. Zigbee* doesn't replace WiFi but it works with it so you can potentially connect hundreds of devices to your Zigbee* network without slowing down your WiFi, and you'll only need one connection...

... to your WiFi network to connect your whole home to the internet through the Zigbee* network. So, whether you're a technology enthusiast or just someone looking for a simpler, smarter way of living,

Zigbee* mesh networks are the way to go!

A Zigbee* mesh network is a type of wireless network where multiple devices can communicate with each other to create a network. The devices are connected to each other in a mesh-like pattern, which means that if one device is out of range or stops working, the other devices can still communicate with each other by relaying the message through the other nodes in the network. This 'self healing' type of network is often used in smart homes and industrial applications where many devices need to communicate with each other wirelessly, even in large or complex environments.
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